Best Framerates for Laptops Under 500 Dollars

This post serves to help new users find the best laptop under 500 dollars to suit their gaming needs. As a gamer of any kind, frame rates are ultimately what define your PC’s ability to handle games. If you are unfamiliar with frame rates, this basically defines how many ‘frames’ or images per second the combined processing power of your PC is able to handle. The more, the better. Modern laptop LCD screens are technically capped at 60 FPS (frames per second). Anything above 40 FPS is reasonable though some swear by nothing less than 50 FPS plus.

Unfortunately due to the constraints of packing all of your processing power into a mobile unit, laptops will usually have much lower frame rates than desktop PC’s, especially with the sub $1000 dollar market. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to play a lot of decent games at a decent frame rate – just don’t expect to be basking in the glory of the latest next gen shooter without doing in slow motion with a lag worse than an online game back in the 56k modem days.

Some resources such as LaptopNinja’s aggregated reviews on the best laptops under $500 will help do a lot of the research for you and make your purchasing decision easier. Additional sites such as offer benchmark tests including frame rates of all of the latest mobile graphics cards on the market. Although there are other factors to consider, such as your CPU and RAM, ultimately your laptops gaming prowess will boil down to how fast your graphics card itself is, so be sure to do all of the research and check benchmark tests to get a rough idea of how your laptop might perform playing the games that you love.

On a sidenote be sure to check some more thorough reviews of whichever laptop it is that you have in question to make sure that it works solidly as a unit – hardware components need to work well together for them to perform at their best. Some trusted favorites in terms of manufacturers of budget gaming laptops are the likes of Asus, Toshiba and Acer, all of which have great track records which make it rare to find a laptop that doesn’t perform up to it’s potential.

Amateur Gaming Laptops Under $1000

All kinds of people are in to gaming these days, so they will be on the lookout for any laptop that will be featured here soon. Think about whether you would like to get linked up with the right laptop that you need to play all of your favorite games. Many people have found that they can get started using the best laptop units around, which can enhance their game play experience. But when you are searching for amateur gaming laptops under $1000, you may also need to get the right unit for other needs. Try to find a versatile laptop that can help you get started soon.

You will want to check out the Sony VAIO, especially their Fit 15 series. This is a very affordable model, but it also features a great looking design to it. Many people have found that they can run all of the latest games right through this basic set up. It provides a great gaming experience, which is surprising for a laptop. You can pick this unit up for fairly cheap, since the basic model retails at well below $1000. Some gamers may want to add on a little extra, depending on their budget.

The Toshiba Satellite is another popular model, because it is a very thin laptop frame. This means that you can easily carry it around with you throughout the day. You could even use the laptop to help you get through some basic work or school duties. This makes this a highly useful device for people who only game during their spare time. You might also be impressed with the fact that it features an NVIDIA graphics card, which can elevate your gaming to the next level.

Finally, you may want to try to find the Lenovo IdeaPad. This is proving to be a popular choice among many amateur gamers out there, because it is a surprisingly good bargain. It has a 4th gen processor, which means that the CPU will run at a fairly high speed. You can often find it on sale, which can make it very affordable to purchase. Try to check it out when you can get free shipping as well.

Best Graphics for Laptops Under 1000 Dollars

Searching for a gaming laptop under 1000 dollars will present you with a lot of options – but as we all know, not all laptops were created equal. Asides from the obvious design differences, the main thing a true gamer will be after is pure hardware power. Specifically, a gamer will be looking for a machine with adequate processing power in the form of a CPU, memory in the for of RAM and most important of all, a mobile graphics card which will ultimately determine what games are playable and which games aren’t with any given laptop machine. You can use sites such as Laptop Ninja for reviews on gaming laptops under 1000 dollars in order to help speed up your purchasing decision.

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To take things back a bit in a previous spoke we spoke about finding laptops under 500 dollars – here you will mainly be restricted to Radeon cards who have dominated the budget mobile graphics market for some time. Luckily with a few more bucks to blow you will be able to get a variation of more mid-tier Nvidia and Radeon cards which have the potential to pack some serious punch. Sites such as offer an excellent resource for mobile graphics card benchmarks which you can use to view the framerate of whatever card is in the machine you are considering before you make purchase. That way you will be sure it has the power necessary to play the games you would like. In the sub $1000 budget you will be able to find some relatively powerful cards, but as with sub $500 laptops don’t expect to be running the latest new-gen FPS beast like charm – at best you will most likely be hitting around 30 FPS on medium which is still reasonable but far from what one should be aiming for.

In general one note on Radeon versus Nvidia is that as a generally rule Nvidia cards tend to be louder and run slightly hotter – this is not always the case, but is important to check as many laptop reviews as possible on your chosen machine before purchasing to make sure that their aren’t any unwanted side affects of your beast card such as heavy noise or rapid overheating / extremely short battery life.

Reliable Gaming Laptops Under $1000

In this article we will looking at the most reliable gaming laptops we were able to find for under $1000. As any gamer knows, the most important aspects of a machine for gaming are its’ speed, processing power and graphics. In terms of laptops, we should also add that you will need a minimum screen resolution of 1600 x 900 for most modern games (although HD 1080p is the best). Now, let’s turn our attention to the four laptops that met our requirements in terms of price and reliability in order of price from lowest to highest. The first two, the 15.6 Inch MSI C-Series CX61 ONF-258US and the Acer Aspire V5-571PG-9814 have been lumped together because they are the two cheapest machines we’ll be looking at, both priced under $900. While the MSI has an impressive QuadCore 2.4 GHz processor and is equipped with 2 GB of Video RAM, the Acer only has a 2.0 GHz processor and is only 13.5 inches in size.

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However, the Aspire has a bigger hard drive, weighing in at 1 TB, a touch screen and is outfitted with a NVidia GEFORCE GT-710 Graphics Card. Both of these machines are powerful enough to allow you to play most of your favorite games without annoying lags. For just a little more than $930 you can get the ultra-stylish Sony Vaio S Series SVS1512ACXS, a 15.5 inch fully HD laptop which features an Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2 GHz processor, 8GB DDR3, and NVidia GeForce GT-640M LE card to make playing your games wherever you go a snap. Finally, we come to the Asus N56VJ-DH71 which is a 15.6 inch laptop that usually sells for a little less than $950 and has a 1080p full HD screen.

It comes fully loaded for gaming with an Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz processor, 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and NVidia GeForce GT635M 2 GB VRam graphics card. This laptop, probably the most solid and reliable laptop covered here, was also one of the least bulky and lightest machines that we found when doing the research for this article. In conclusion, although the above machines were our favorites in terms of reliability and price, there are many other gaming laptops available at this price-point including: the Dell Inspiron i15Rse-4267ALU and at just barely under $1000 both Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148 and Lenovo IdeaPad Y500, solid machines worth looking into if the above four don’t appeal to you.

15 Inch Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Some years ago, most gamers would never have considered using laptops to run the latest gaming releases that were coming out. This was because laptops simply didn’t have the computer power that was featured in desktop computers. But today, it is becoming increasingly common to find some laptop varieties that are fully equipped to run advanced games. This is allowing consumers to make better decisions about whether they would like to get linked up with high tech laptops. Think about some of the new 15 inch gaming laptops under $1000 that are being sold today. You may very well be impressed by the specs that you can get from some of these new releases.

First, you will need to check out the Sony VAIO F Series sometime soon. The standard version of this laptop retails at well below $1000, which means you will even have room for customization. Think about the advantages you can expect to get when you try this system out for yourself. Many people have found that its high speed processor can help you run even the best games without worrying about slowdown.

You should also put the ASUS N56VJ-DH71 high on your list of affordable gaming rigs out there. This has an impressive picture quality that you can get out of its 15.6″ screen, which is likely appealing to many gamers out there. It is listed at just under $1000, but it will definitely deliver high quality for the money that you will spend on it. It comes standard with 8GB of RAM installed already, so you can likely run the newest games you can find. It even comes fitted with 1 TB of HDD space, which will allow you to install a hefty amount of games from your collection.

Many gamers will also want to put the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 on their list of top laptops. This is because it comes fitted with an advanced NVIDIA graphics card, which will help them get the best picture quality possible. You won’t need to worry about crashes and other issues when you try this model out for yourself sometime soon. Think about upgrading the memory if you can afford to do so.

Where to Find the Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Many gamers these days want to get a fair degree of functionality out of their laptops, but still want a device that can run the most advanced games. They will need to get laptops that have an appreciable amount of CPU power and hard drive space. This is because many modern games put a demanding strain on the capabilities of even the best computers. Think about looking for some laptops that may also have some improved graphics cards installed in them as well. These will typically be the best fitted to handle the challenges that gaming laptops under $1000 may introduce for some consumers out there.

First, you may want to try out the HP ENVY dv6t-7200 model gaming laptop. Many people have been impressed by the specs that this new release features, considering its low price of about $850. You can expect to get a 2.4Ghz processor and a 8 GB SDRAM memory capacity. It will also come standard with a 15.6″ screen, which may be appealing to many gamers out there. If you haven’t seen this before, you may be surprised by the sharp graphics that you get.

Another good choice for many gamers is the Acer Aspire V3, which has been revamped to carry the capacity of playing games. If you haven’t yet thought about whether you would like to get a laptop that specifically is geared for gaming, try this one out soon. It features an impressive 17.3″ screen, which may allow you to enjoy just about any game out there.

Finally, think about trying out the newest Toshiba Satellite release that is out there. It has an accelerated CPU that utilizes a 3.5Ghz processor speed, which will help keep up with the most action packed gaming releases out there. It also features a 17.3″ screen, which should be appealing to most gamers out there.

Modern Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Many people want to get in to gaming these days, but they may not be sure of what kind of gaming laptops they should get for themselves. They may want to get started, but don’t want to commit a lot of money to a laptop that will be used primarily for this purpose. If you would like to try out one of these laptops for yourself, you may be impressed by the overall level of functionality that you can get out of a modern gaming laptop under $1000. Many people have found that they can use these laptops for quite a few uses in their everyday lives.

First, you should make a point to try out the Lenovo Y500. This is an affordable and high quality gaming laptop that has been imparted with a number of top specs. Think about whether you can get linked up with the right model, since it comes standard with 1 TB HDD space and a 1080p screen display. This means you can install as many games as you want and play them with a great looking display as well.

You may also be interested in the Acer V7. This is a compact laptop, since its screen will only be around 14″ in length. But you can still get a great amount of usage out of the device. Many people have found that they can get great battery performance out of this model, with it usually lasting around 6-7 hours unplugged. You could choose to fire up your favorite game on a long trip and let it last the entire time. Think about whether you might want to get linked in with one of your favorite games once you have bought this version.

Finally, don’t forget about trying the Clevo W230ST. This is priced at just under the cut off range, but it will be well worth the investment that you make with it. It has an advanced graphics card and good processor speed, which makes it appealing for gamers. You won’t need to worry about experiencing any slowdown when you get this model laptop. This may be one of the most modern laptops you can get in this price range.